As another Auckland summer appears on the horizon, you’ll find yourself once again headed for the controls of your home air conditioning system, hoping for the cooling comfort it provided last year. The good news is that you can rely on the Mitsubishi heat pump systems and Panasonic air conditioners supplied by the team at ASAP Air for many years to come, but regular maintenance is essential to keep it working as it should.

Operate at Maximum Efficiency

The chances are that one of the deciding factors in your choice of air conditioning system was the superior efficiency it offered and the energy savings this promised. Over time and with heavy use, your unit can gradually become less efficient through the build up of debris on filters, minor mechanical faults or leaks. These are all very easily fixed, but if you ignore them then you’ll be wasting energy and money.

Keep Your Air Clean

Just like any home appliance, dust can build up in your air conditioning system over time – in vents, grilles and ducting. This dust will then end up being circulated around your home and can trigger allergies and cause health issues. Unfortunately, without regular servicing, an older unit could also be susceptible to mould or electrical faults, bringing further risks to your health. Don’t let these risks go unchecked, get a professional service to keep your air clean and your family safe.

Stay Comfortable

If your air conditioning system is in poor condition, then it’s unlikely to be doing its job properly. You might find that it takes longer to get to your desired temperature or struggles to keep you cool for an extended time, and that means it’s not doing the task you bought it for. If your car wouldn’t start whenever you tried the engine, you wouldn’t just accept it, you would take it to a garage to get it fixed, and your air conditioning system is no different. There’s no need to live with dodgy air conditioning – keep up to date with maintenance and be comfortable at all times in your home.

Protect Your Investment

When looked after well, your air conditioning system can last for upwards of 10 years. Although a professional service does entail a fee, it actually saves you money in the long run by promoting the longevity of your cooling system and significantly delaying the need for replacement. The strange odour you’ve noticed or the unusual rattling you can hear could be signs of something more serious – protect your investment by arranging a professional service from the experts at ASAP Air.

If it’s time for professional maintenance of your air conditioning, then call the experts at ASAP Air now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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