In Auckland, we’re lucky to have access to wonderful fresh air in the beautiful natural environment of the North Island. However, environmental research has shown that indoor air can actually be of significantly worse quality than the outdoors. The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to immediately improve the air quality inside your home.

How Does My Home Air Get Polluted?

Before we can solve the problem of poor air quality, we need to understand it. A few of the sources of irritants and pollutants that could be in your home include:

  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from carpets, furniture and upholstery
  • cleaning products
  • household products like hair spray, air fresheners, aerosols
  • smoke
  • pet fur, hair and skin
  • dust mites
  • mould

Why Does Poor Air Quality Matter?

Even if the air in your home feels fine to breathe in, there can be invisible contaminants and pathogens that can affect your health. Aside from aggravating allergies, poor air quality inside can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea, irritating your throat, eyes and skin. If dangerous moulds are allowed to circulate around your home, these mild symptoms can become serious respiratory illnesses.

Install the Right HVAC Filters

One easy way to upgrade the air quality in your Auckland home is to get better filters for your air conditioning unit or ducted heat pump. A good filter will trap pollen, dust and smoke to protect your lungs and keep your family safe.

Use Cooking Vents

Never turn on your kitchen stove without using the extraction hood. The fan is there for a reason – it pulls away airborne grease, combustion waste, fumes, smoke and steam. Without this running, it puts additional strain on your air conditioning system to produce clean air and means your cooling unit will need to be cleaned more regularly, ultimately needing more costly maintenance.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

You’d be surprised at how much debris can accumulate in your ducts over time. Cleaning clogged ducts serves the dual purpose of improving air quality and also improving the efficiency of your air conditioner at the same time.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

Think about it like this – almost every breath you take indoors has been circulated by your air conditioning or heating system. If that system is dirty, not properly maintained or outdated then it could be circulating contaminants all day without you even realising. It’s essential that your system is regularly inspected and if it’s not in good condition then it needs to be replaced. Modern ducted air conditioning systems from the team at ASAP Air provide clean, safe air to keep you healthy and comfortable year round.

To find out about our range of ducted air conditioning systems that efficiently deliver clean air throughout your home, call the ASAP Air team now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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