Panasonic air conditioners are rated as Australia’s favourite because they have the most satisfied customers across the country. They are known for their excellent reliability combined with good value for money and that’s why we are proud to offer their products to ASAP Air customers here in Auckland.

Breathe Easy with Purified Air

The latest Panasonic air conditioning units come with an integrated air purifying system. Whilst all air conditioners will cool your air, not all of them will purify it and older systems can even spread contaminants through your home. The Panasonic system uses nano-technology to purify all air that passes through it, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment for you and your family. This filter even catches pollen so it’s the clear choice for comfort if you have hay fever sufferers at home.

The Greener Choice

Panasonic heat pumps have been awarded the energy star which is only given to the top 25 percent most energy efficient appliances worldwide. In addition to this, cutting-edge inverter technology means the unit no longer needs to constantly turn on and off in order to maintain a constant temperature making for a more energy-efficient machine. When you choose a Panasonic air conditioning system, you’re making a better choice for our environment.

Stylish Looks for Stylish Homes

The new range of Panasonic split systems from ASAP Air have been designed to blend into your home interior better than ever before. These units are ultra slim and elegantly simple so there’s no need for a bulky air conditioner that ruins the appearance of your home.

Smart Technology to Save You Money

Smart technology in Panasonic Econavi appliances allows your unit to adjust its output according to the conditions in the room including weather and occupancy level. Intelligent sensors combined with high powered data analysis means the unit can achieve high-precision control of temperature, timing, power use and other parameters. All of this adds up to less wasted cooling hours, less energy use, less water consumption and ultimately smaller bills for you.

Designed for the New Zealand Climate

The new range of Panasonic heat pumps and Panasonic air con units are perfectly designed to suit the climate here in Auckland, even under extreme conditions. Units operate from -15C to 24C and can cool your home even if it were as hot as 46C outside. Extremely durable and reliable fan motors and compressors mean you can rely on your Panasonic AC to keep your room comfortable year ‘round.

To find out about our range smart technology Panasonic air conditioning systems, call the ASAP Air team now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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