At ASAP Air, we carry out commercial air conditioning installation for all kinds of enterprise in Auckland, from retail stores and restaurants to schools and aged care facilities. Our systems represent the best quality and value for money for your business, both through our top-of-the-range products and our professional maintenance and servicing.

Choosing the Right Sized System

Air conditioning capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and the power output is measured in kW. As a general rule, your air con unit needs at least 80 watts of power per square metre of cooling area, but with reverse cycle units, there are a two kW values – one for cooling and one for heating.

All you need to do is calculate the total volume of your spaces to be cooled and which areas you’d like to be zoned together, and then work out how the design of your building will affect the cooling load. You can then use this data to work out the total kW output you need across all of the units in your premises as a total and on an individual basis – sound simple? It isn’t! Now you can see why we recommend calling in the professionals to ensure that you make the right decisions for your business.

Why Professional Sizing is the Way Forward

The air conditioning system you choose will affect the success of your business as it means that customers and employees feel comfortable in every season. For this reason, it’s vital that you get it right the first time. Your ducted air conditioning, ducted heat pump or commercial air conditioner must be precisely sized in order to achieve optimum performance.

If the system doesn’t have enough capacity then it won’t cool sufficiently, and will use more energy trying to reach the desired temperature causing big energy bills and early wear. An oversized system will equally waste energy, and cycle on and off too quickly causing uncomfortable temperature swings.

Professional Advice for Professional Endeavours

You wouldn’t attempt to solve legal issues without consulting a lawyer, so why would you invest in air conditioning without consulting a professional supplier and installer? The technicians at ASAP Air can very accurately determine the optimal capacity for your commercial cooling unit and present you with a range of options to suit your space and budget. We will take into account not only floor space but window size, occupancy rates, ventilation, building orientation and many other factors.

For expert advice on your commercial air conditioning requirements, call the ASAP Air team now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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