If you’re building a new home in Auckland, you’ll want to build plans for air conditioning installation into the project as soon as possible. This means that you can ensure the house will be comfortable to live in no matter the time of year, and the air conditioning units or vents can be carefully placed in the home to blend in with your stylish new interiors.

Understand Your Options

Before you get any further in your air conditioning plans, it’s time to make sure you understand the different types of units available. These days you can choose from a traditional split system, multi-head system or ducted system.

  • Split system air conditioner – this is your traditional, wall-mounted air con unit which works in unison with a second unit installed outside.
  • Multi-head system – in this system, a single outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units on walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Ducted system a ducted system with a heat pump offers top-of-the-line temperature control for your home. This consists of a discreet, indoor unit coupled with an outdoor unit that uses a refrigeration cycle to pump air through ducts around your home.

Choosing the Right Size System

The size of your new build will affect the air conditioning options available to you, and choosing a system that’s appropriate for the area of your property will save you time and money in the long run. Undertaking a heat pump installation in your Auckland studio apartment would be overkill, but trying to run split systems throughout a 5-bedroom home would be expensive and inefficient.

In most situations, a 2.5kW system will be big enough for the master bedroom in a 1 or 2-bedroom unit, with a 5kW split system for the living area. For a family of three or more in a 3-bedroom home, it’s likely to be more economical to opt for a ducted system.

Get Help from the Experts

If you want to be sure you’re making the right decision, it’s best to speak to the experts. As soon as the plans for your new home are complete, you can show them to the ASAP Air team and we will be happy to advise on what might be your best plan of action.

You’ll need to think about what areas of the home will be used most and how you might like to zone any areas separately in your cooling system. Our professional team can help you understand your options and give you estimates for how much each one will cost – both upfront and in the future.

The ASAP Air team are on hand to offer no-obligation advice on your new air conditioning system. To speak to one of our experts about your requirements, call us now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.


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