It can sometimes be a shock when your first energy bills of the summer come through. After the moderate weather in spring, turning on your air conditioning can suddenly cause your bills to skyrocket, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Follow our tips below to avoid a nasty shock when you open your next energy bill.

Switch to a Ducted System

Do you have individual split system units installed in different rooms of your home? Perhaps, when you first moved in, you could only afford to keep your bedroom cool so you just purchased a single air conditioning unit then, over time, you invested in a system for your living area and then additional bedrooms. Buying one small unit at a time may seem like the most affordable way of cooling your home, but it actually proves to be more expensive over time.

A ducted heat pump system is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective way to control the temperature of a larger home. After the initial investment, you will save significant amounts in maintenance and energy bills over the years to come.

Modern Systems Are Designed for Economy

The priority when designing new air conditioning systems these days is efficiency and economy – this means minimising environmental impact whilst minimising costs for consumers. Smart technology enables air conditioning systems to constantly monitor the conditions of the room – how many people are in it, how active they are and how the weather is affecting indoor temperature.

Using this data, your unit can intelligently adapt its output to keep the room comfortable without wasting any energy. Think about how often rooms in your house are being cooled when they’re not in use – perhaps the kids forgot to turn the unit off or a timer has been set and forgotten about. All that unnecessary cooling is money you could be saving.

Ask the Experts for Advice

If you feel that you’re doing everything right – closing doors and windows, not turning temperatures too low and only using your air conditioning unit when you need it – and your bills are still sky high, it’s time to take advice from an expert. At ASAP Air, our team are always ready to offer no-obligation advice. Once they understand the layout of your home and air conditioning system, they’ll quickly be able to identify the problem. Our priority is finding the best solution for you; if we can find a way to save you money then we consider it a job well done.

To find out how a new air conditioning unit can save you money, call the ASAP Air team now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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