Ducted air conditioning offers many advantages over a traditional split system. If you’re thinking of switching over to a ducted system, read on to find out just how many benefits it can offer.

The Flexibility of Zoned Control

With a modern ducted air conditioning system from ASAP Air, you can divide your home into separate temperature zones. This means that each area of your home can be independently controlled at the touch of a button, preventing energy from being wasted on cooling unused areas. Your basement den might be naturally cooler than upstairs rooms so you can turn down the air con power there, whilst making sure that your sun-filled kitchen stays at a comfortable temperature.

Instant Comfort

When you switch to a ducted system, one of the key differences you’ll notice is that you get an instant response when you operate the controls. One push of a button and the system will instantly begin so there’s no longer any need to wait around for the room to slowly start to cool. Be comfortable quicker.

Improved Aesthetics

A ducted system is discreetly installed in floors and ceilings so you won’t have to worry about unsightly units ruining your interiors. Minimalistic vents will blend into your home décor so that the system becomes virtually invisible, and the main unit is hidden in a roof void out of sight.

Convenient Operation

Your ducted air conditioning system will be controlled using a stylish keypad located in a convenient area of your property. Simply press a button and you can control the airflow through your entire home or in just one zone at a time. Using the keypad, you can also follow the simple controls to set timers for air to be turned on or off after a set period or at a specific time.

Peace and Quiet

A ducted system is barely audible in comparison to traditional split system air conditioners. The central unit is far away from living areas so your air is perfectly cooled by whisper-quiet vents, allowing you a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep with no irritating humming or whirring.

Value for Money

Installing a ducted system presents excellent value for money, especially in larger homes or properties with three or more bedrooms. The cost of installing traditional units across multiple rooms simply doesn’t compare with the affordability of ducted air conditioning, and a ducted system will even add value to your property when it comes to resale. Installation and maintenance costs of a modern ducted system will also be lower in comparison to having a split system throughout your home. When it comes to value for money, it’s an obvious choice.

To find out about our range of ducted air conditioning systems, call the ASAP Air team now on 09 392 1005 or book your free consultation online today.

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